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The Best Moments from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

In 1989 National Lampoon released the third instalment of their “Vacation” franchise starring The Griswold family. This time the film focussed on Clark Griswold as he tried with all of his might to pull off a fun, old-fashioned Griswold family Christmas – but of course everything goes wrong and hilarity ensues! National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation turns 30 this year so we thought this would be a perfect time to reflect on our favourite moments from this hilarious Christmas movie!

Christmas Vacation
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Christmas Funko Pop! Collection

Funko Pop! has become a huge sensation in recent years, becoming a popular trinket for fans of niche pop culture properties and a die hard pastime for collectors. Canada’s Pop Culture Christmas Store,, prides itself on being the go to place for Christmas Funko Pop figurines.

Everyone is mad for Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures and RetroFestive has them in spades! They place a special emphasis on holiday and festive Pop figures, and a wide selection of retro Pop characters too!

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The Ultimate Hostess Gift Guide

Christmas party season can be stressful – especially when you are hosting the party! If someone has been so kind to invite you into their home during the holiday season, be sure to thank them with a thoughtful gift. That is why we have put together the Ultimate Hostess Gift Guide to help show your appreciation.

Christmas Cocktail Balls

Hostess Gift Guide

Shake, rattle, and roll with colourful Cocktail Balls! These cool spherical sippers give master mixologists an excuse to go balls to the wall with their signature cocktails. How could we not include these in our hostess gift guide? Cocktail Balls resemble Christmas tree baubles that come in various colours will add a pop to Christmas cocktail parties!

Elf’s Four Main Food Groups

Elf's Four Main Food Groups

This candy container is so fun and colourful, you’ll want to grab one for every Elf on your list! An Elf’s Four Main Food Groups – exclusive to RetroFestive – is a deluxe 2 lb. candy kit containing everything a Christmas Elf needs to survive life outside the North Pole! It is a perfect sweet snack set for any party!

Christmas Tea Towel

Christmas tea towel

A festive tea towel will help a hostess clean up any mess that come with the holidays. This green, white and red tea towel says “CALORIES DON’T COUNT ON CHRISTMAS” and we agree! This makes a festive and practical gift.

Quebec Maple Syrup Candle

Hostess Gift Guide

Speaking of calories, your hostess can enjoy this maple scented treat all year round – because it has no calories! This Quebec maple syrup candle with a wooden wick will give the same cozy feeling that you get from the smell of pancakes on a Canadian Christmas morning! These natural candles come in a nostalgic maple syrup tin, and the wooden wick creates a lovely crackling sound.

Fun Flavoured Peanut Brittle

Hostess Gift Guide

This decadent Peanut Brittle is hand-made in small batches by the SweetSmith Candy Company in Alberta, Canada. These fun flavours, including Smoky Bacon, Canadian Maple, and Jalapeno, will be a great conversation starter at holiday parties.

Now go out and be merry! Enjoy visiting with friends and family at all of the holiday parties you are invited too this season, and be thankful for all of the festive fun!


The Ultimate Canadian Gift Guide 2019

O Canada! We’re celebrating Christmas in Canada with the most Canadian Gift Guide ever! Now you can find gifts for every log driver, lumberjack, and Okanagan Okee on your list!

Poutine Socks

Canadian Gift Guide Poutine Socks

We can’t think of a better way to kick off our Canadian Gift Guide! These hilarious Poutine Socks will have your mouth watering in no time. You can almost smell the gravy and cheese curds – in a good way! This warm and gooey snack is a staple from sea to sea for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and now you can have socks to match!

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