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5 Christmas Tattoos You Wish You Had

It’s a tale as old as time. You’re a young, anti-establishment, counter-culture creative with a penchant for progressive politics and edgy ink.

But something’s missing.

On the outside people see your effortless independent, urban fashion sensibilities and appreciation of Bukowski. But on the inside you’re bursting with Christmas Spirit.

Looking cool and loving Christmas don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The following are examples of fun Christmas tattoos that will get any Grinch into the holiday mood!

Rudolph Tattoo
Punk Ass Rudolph

The original Christmas outsider, Rudolph fights against the ignorant attitudes and misconceptions against red-noses. Make no mistake, Rudolph is Punk.

Rock Around this Christmas Tree Tattoo
Christmas Tree Tat

The classic Christmas tree shows a rejection of modern comforts and vapid yuppie lifestyle. When it comes to Christmas, no plastic pine will do. This tattoo shows that you’re a strong individual who uphold traditional and retro Christmas values.

Leg Lamp Tattoos
A leg lamp on your leg? How clever!

Celebrate Christmas all year round with the soft glow of electric sex! This tattoo depicting the iconic prop in A Christmas Story will radiate your pop art, cult kitsch and denial of mainstream ethnocentric ideals of beauty.

Existential Snowman Tattoo
What does it all mean?

Staring into the snowball of a meaningless and absurd world, this snowman’s thoughts grapple with the sublime question of existence and essence. Christmas… What does it all mean?

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo
These lovers explore the dark side of Christmas!

Nothing says cool like looking at Christmas through the eyes of Halloween. This tattoo depicting the nocturnal lovers in The Nightmare Before Christmas illustrates that even the happiest of holidays has a thrilling dark side.

Christmas Tattoos at RetroFestive
Can’t stomach getting inked? Try these instead!

But maybe you aren’t the type to show-off your Christmas spirit year round? Never fear, RetroFestive is here! Pick up this awesome pack of temporary Christmas Tattoos and show your off your tough sentimentality … temporarily!