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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Ultimate Canadian Gift Guide 2019

O Canada! We’re celebrating Christmas in Canada with the most Canadian Gift Guide ever! Now you can find gifts for every log driver, lumberjack, and Okanagan Okee on your list!

Poutine Socks

Canadian Gift Guide Poutine Socks

We can’t think of a better way to kick off our Canadian Gift Guide! These hilarious Poutine Socks will have your mouth watering in no time. You can almost smell the gravy and cheese curds – in a good way! This warm and gooey snack is a staple from sea to sea for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and now you can have socks to match!

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Family Gift Guide

Here at RetroFestive.ca, we are very proud to offer a wide variety of nostalgic gift ideas. Whether it is a gag gift for Secret Santa at work, or something sweet for your Grandparents, we truly offer something for everyone on your Christmas list.

Here is an A&W burger-style family gift guide to help with shopping this season!

Family gift guide

Everyone know that babies are the cutest, but for some reason they do not remember the gifts they receive during their first Christmas. But if they are wearing a cute Santa Baby outfit, there will be lots of family photos to keep the memory alive for years to come.






Inspired by National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Jelly of the Month Club gift set is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year with 12 jars of delicious jellies and jams made by Greaves Jams and Marmalades in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

Family gift guide


Your papa will look pretty sharp this season when you give him a Toronto Blue Jays Ugly Sport Jacket, or Winter Wonderland Ugly Christmas Suit!

Wondering what the shell to get your teen? Well, it’s a historical fact the coolest teenagers that ever lived are the Ninja Turtles. Give your teen this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mug and they’ll think you’re totally tubular, dude!

When the kids, and grandkids, are all grown up and out of the house it gives grandparents more time for their hobbies. This Santa’s New Sleigh is a Harley is a great trinket for those who live to ride!

family gift guide















Just like Cousin Eddie, it’s the Uncles in the family that are the jokesters, the clowns, the ones . . . that say something in appropriate at dinner. Consider giving them the “Your Mom Likes My Package” long sleeved tee,  a Jumbo Bacon Flavoured Candy Cane, or a “Merry Christmas – Shitter Was Full” ugly Christmas sweater to suit their sense of humour.

Your bestie will love this Buddy the Elf mug,  and these Turtle Dove Friendship Ornaments from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

“Turtle doves are a symbol of friendship and love. Keep one, and give the other to a very special person. As long as each of you has your turtle dove, you will be friends forever.”

Double Buddy
If they really are your best buddy, they won’t mind sharing a sweater with you. Get cozy in the 2-person Christmas sweater!

family gift guide


If these ideas don’t work, just offer to take the whole family out to eat to the Chop Suey Palace like The Parkers, or Denny’s like The Calvins!


Ugly NHL Jackets and Ties

Just In: Ugly NHL Suit Jackets and Ties

Now you can channel your inner Don Cherry when you suit up in one of our new NHL ugly sport jacket and tie sets.  If wearing grandma’s old yuletide jumper isn’t your jam, but you want to stand out among your buds, you’ll need these dapper duds! Whether you’re attending a cheesy Christmas party or a posh New Years soiree, you’re sure to score while sporting one of these bad boys.

Toronto Maple Leafs Suit Jacket
Get Fugly in our Maple Leafs Suit Jacket and Tie!

Sears Portrait Studio to the Rescue!

What to do when you’re in a pinch and need product photos fast, but don’t know where to turn? That was our predicament when we received our very first batch of ugly NHL suit jackets and ties.The moment they arrived at our warehouse, we thought they were just about the most awesome apparel we’ve ever seen. So naturally we wanted to share them with the Internet tout de suite.

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-10-23-39-pmThat meant we needed product photos within the hour! Someone suggested we try the Sears Portrait Studio down the street. We all laughed and laughed… and then we called and booked a 5pm appointment. That was easy! But we still needed to find someone to model our fine fashions. What to do? Where to go? The local Goodlife gym, of course. That’s there we found Brandon, a friend of a friend who was happy to work the gig in exchange for free swag (namely, the jacket he’s holding below.)

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-10-24-12-pmSo we threw Brandon in our truck with a pile of jackets and headed over to Sears Portrait Studio.

img_3572We were greeted by a bemused employee who told us our clever gimmick was a welcome respite between the baby portraits and passport photos that are her stock-in-trade. In fact, we’re quite sure she’s never had so much fun working at Sears!

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-10-23-54-pmIt was when we took a coffee break in the mall food court that tragedy struck! Just after photographing the Toronto Blue Jays jacket, we headed to Timmies for a double double and found out the Jays had just lost their Championship Series against Cleveland, and were out of the playoffs. Bummer!

img_3603But we are glass-half-full type people, so we said good-bye baseball, hello hockey! We’ve got some really ugly NHL suits for five awesome franchises, meaning fans can dress as loud as they cheer!

And here’s a shout-out to Sears! They were able to get us in and out of there in a flash. And, for the low price of $60, we took home a  CD of six hi-res images, including the rights to publish them anywhere in the world. Score!

By the way, if you’re interested in one of our licensed sports jackets, you’ll need to act fast! We anticipate that they’ll sell out VERY quickly.  So order yours today!

Montreal Canadiens Sport Jacket and Tie
Montreal Canadiens Sport Jacket and Tie


Edmonton Oilers Suit Jacket and Tie
Edmonton Oilers Ugly NHL Jacket

Detroit Red Wings Suit Jacket and Tie NHL
Detroit Red Wings Ugly Jacket and Tie

Boston Bruins Jacket and Tie Combo
Boston Bruins Jacket and Tie Combo

Toronto Blue Jays Suit Jacket and Tie
Toronto Blue Jays Suit Jacket and Tie

Head over to RetroFestive.ca to order yours today!

5 Ugly Sweater Alternatives to Rock This Christmas!

If your Grandma’s eggnog-stained jumper isn’t what you want to be seen in at your holiday soirées, we can’t blame you! Even though the traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater is kind of our thing, we can understand why you’d want to kick the originality up a few notches.

Remember: Ugly isn’t one dimensional!Throw some glitter, or a cat graphic on your accessory and you’ll be the most hideous apple this side of the nuthouse!

Here are (just a few) of our products that will have you considering an alternative to the classic patterned pull-over!

Ugly Christmas Tie


Attending a suit and tie affair? Swap your run-of-the-mill black tie for our super festive (and totally ugly!) Christmas ties. Your fellow party-goers will be jealous.

Ugly Christmas Jammies

Jump into something different this holiday! These Matching Holiday Onesies are perfect for you, whether you’re flying solo, or have a mister/misses waiting for you under the mistletoe. Who said you can’t wear your PJs to Christmas dinner?

Ugly Christmas Socks

Warm up your toes in holiday style! We have a large assortment of Ugly Christmas Socks and Knee-highs, including toe socks (of course)!

Ugly “Naughty” and “Nice” Santa Hats

Speaking of the “Naughty” and “Nice” list… which one are you on? Show off what team you’re on this year with our perfect “Naughty” and “Nice” Santa Hats. Sure, you might be gifted with a little coal, but it will surely be worth it!

Happy Birthday Jesus T-Shirt

Celebrate two special occasions this Christmas with our blinged-out Happy Birthday Jesus Tee! Your religious relatives will thank you. Don’t miss out on the party.

Ugly Christmas Suit

Take a page out of Barney Stinson’s book and suit up. Our Ugly Christmas Tree Suit is perfect for classy bros, who still want to enjoy a big cup of holiday cheer. This year, when they talk about the big man in the red suit…make sure that man is you.


Ugly Christmas Boxers

What are you hiding in your under carriage? Wrap your package up good with our Ugly Christmas Boxers. Wear these and you’ll surely be knocked off the “Naughty List”, that is, until Christmas night! Hopefully no one will sneak a peak!


Ugly Mistletoe Headband

You will never be caught solo under the mistletoe again with this amazing invention, our Mistletoe Headband. Stand near your lover, your crush, or Ryan Gosling — Christmas tradition says you gotta pucker up!


Ugly Christmas Tree Costume

Really commit to Christmas this year by embodying a decked out evergreen! This hilarious Christmas Tree Costume suit will surely put everybody in the holiday spirit.


Ugly NHL Sweater

Technically this is still a sweater, but it’s also so much more than that! Root on your favourite sports team with our beloved Ugly NHL Sweaters! Perfect for Christmas, but can be worn with pride year-round.

What do you plan on rocking this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below! And remember, ordering is available at Retrofestive.com year-round, but our store opens this Saturday (October 29), so come on down and give us a visit. Located at 1100 Invicta Drive, Oakville.


Hockey Sweaters and The Holidays

Hockey is important to many Canadians. We throw on our hockey sweater and tune in weekly to watch our favourite teams whether they delight or disappoint us. I have always found the holidays are a great time to experience our national sport, while spending time with family.

hockey sweater










When I was growing up my entire family would come together in the common room of the Legion Manor, where my grandparents lived in Prince Edward County. The men would eat cashews and talk shop, the women would prepare a giant meal, and the kids would run wildly without consequence, having been allowed to eat more treats in one afternoon than they had all year.

After dinner we would all end up watching hockey together. Sometimes it was the last regular season games of the year, sometimes it was preliminary rounds of the World Juniors, but they all brought us together. It was a time of rest for the weary, a source of entertainment for the socially awkward, and a trial of anticipation for the die-hard fans – especially those with Pro-Line tickets.

hockey sweater santa
Santa gives the Leafs a piece of his mind. Photo by John C Whitehead








We would often exchange gifts while watching the game as well, where memorabilia such a hockey sweater, t-shirt, gloves, coffee mug, hat and scarf where given, which were exclusively branded with the Toronto Maple Leafs logo. If you were given something with the Montreal Canadiens on it, you knew you were the butt of a joke.

This was years before the Ugly Christmas Sweater craze, but the NHL Ugly Christmas sweaters and slippers that are available these days would have been gratefully accepted back at the Legion Manor.

hockey sweater


hockey sweaterThe great thing about giving hockey-related gifts at Christmas is that they really are a gift that keeps on giving.

You can wear your NHL Ugly Christmas gear while watching the rest of the
World Junior Championships, or the Winter Classic on New Years Day, and for the rest of the regular season.




Since Santa cannot bring the Stanley Cup to the Toronto Maple Leafs, no matter how good they’ve been, it’s best to take comfort in the fact that hockey is a wonderful holiday tradition we can all enjoy!