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Christmas + Halloween = Christween!

We sure love Christmas here at RetroFestive, but darnit we love Halloween too!  Halloween is practically pre-Christmas. It’s the holiday that gets you ready for the big one. In fact, Christmas and Halloween have a lot more in common than you might think.

Fun Fact: Enthusiasts who love both Halloween and Christmas have invented a mashup holiday called Christween!

He knows when you are sleeping...
He knows when you are sleeping…


First Day of Halloween: The unofficial beginning of Halloween is October 1st. The air is crisper, the pumpkin lattes are spicier, and TV movies are, um, horror-ier.

First Day of Christmas: The unofficial beginning of Christmas is, in fact, Halloween. We’ve all been at the store on October 31st grabbing our last minute fake blood and have seen the store clerk further down the aisle hanging the stockings with care, in hopes that the shoppers soon would be there.

Halloween Tree Jack Skellington
Nightmare Before Christmas Tree


Halloween Costumes: Dress up as anything you want to be.

Christmas “Costumes”: Dress up as the child your parents always wanted you to be. (Think festive jammies and kids ugly Christmas sweaters!)

Ugly PJs Family
Christmas jammies!


Halloween, as a kid: No smoke and shadows here. Halloween is about bringing home the biggest haul of candy in your pillowcase as humanly possible. This is the perfect preparation for the weeks of sweets you’re getting ready for at Christmas. After your Halloween candy binge, your body will soon require sugar to function.

Christmas, as a kid: Sugar in cane form. Baked goods as far as the eye can see. And a tangerine in the toe of your stocking…that will eventually make its way back into the fridge.

Buddy the Elf's Four Food Groups
Halloween: Candy Corn. Christmas: Candy Canes.

Halloween, as an adult: “I’ll buy five boxes of 100 mini chocolate bars… for the kids. “

Christmas, as an adult: Doing the holiday baking inevitably leads to tasting as you go. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. You can’t be giving bad-tasting treats to your friends. What would they say!??

Holiday Baking Taste Test
Gotta taste test it!


Halloween Shopping: Have you ever been to the Halloween aisle in any store on the afternoon of October 31st? Don’t. It’s hell.

Christmas Shopping: Have you ever been to any mall ever on December 23rd? Don’t. It’s worse.

But Halloween will inevitably get you pumped up for the big December shop. Or if you’re smart, avoid the malls entirely and do all your shopping from home sans pants!

What gets you more excited, Halloween or Christmas?  Or maybe you’re like us and you celebrate Christween all year ’round!