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Christmas Funko Pop! Collection

Funko Pop! has become a huge sensation in recent years, becoming a popular trinket for fans of niche pop culture properties and a die hard pastime for collectors. Canada’s Pop Culture Christmas Store, RetroFestive.ca, prides itself on being the go to place for Christmas Funko Pop figurines.

Everyone is mad for Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures and RetroFestive has them in spades! They place a special emphasis on holiday and festive Pop figures, and a wide selection of retro Pop characters too!

Here are some of our favourite Christmas Funko Pop figurines for this holiday season!

The Office

Everyone remembers the classic Christmas episode of The Office when Michael Scott threw the classiest Christmas Party for his ex-girlfriend Holly. Now you can relive the tv moment with your own Funko Pop! Michael Scott as Classy Santa. And why not add to your collection with Dwight dressed as an elf?

Die Hard

Christmas Funko Pop

John McClane, the iconic and sardonic character portrayed by Bruce Willis, now comes in Die Hard Pop! Vinyl Figure form and is sure to have you yelling “Yippee-Ki-Yay” all the way to check out. Make sure you also collect Al Powell, Hans Gruber and Tony Vreski! 

Star Wars

“Your lack of Christmas Spirit disturbs me!” 
Celebrate the holidays with your favourite Star Wars characters with a Christmas twist! Santa Yoda has donned his suit and hat, and has his sack all ready to help deliver the presents! And just because Chewbacca and his family celebrate Life Day on their Planet Kashyyyk, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy Christmas too!

The Santa Clause

Funko has revealed two versions of Scott Calvin (aka Tim Allen) that are sure to bring a touch of Christmas cheer this festive season. One features Calvin as he was starting to transform into Santa Claus, complete with his red suit and pot belly. And the next is Calvin after he’s gone full-Clause and grown his beard out, wearing an ugly sweater!

Christmas Groot

Little Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is as adorable as ever! This Christmas Groot Pop is all festive and stuff with a green pot wrapped in a red bow and adorned with lights and bulbs as if he was a Christmas tree. 

Home Alone

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without watching Home Alone at least once.  These Home Alone Funko POP! vinyl figures will let you reenact your favourite scenes anytime! They’ve got Kevin with his BB gun and iron, Marv with his crowbar and ironed face, and Harry with his flashlight and singed head!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

You’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas with these Christmas Vacation Funko Pops! Clark Griswold is in his Santa suit and hat with moose mug in hand, while Cousin Eddie is in his iconic “Merry Christmas, shitter was full” outfit.

Mariah Carey Christmas Pop

Mariah Carey Funko Pop

Did we save the best for last? This may well be our most favourite Christmas Funk Pop of all time. The All I Want for Christmas Is You Funko Pop featuring Mariah Carey! You might not want a lot for Christmas but there is definitely one thing that you need…Mariah Carey in Pop! form.  

RetroFestive has dozens of Christmas Funko Pops to choose from. Slide on over to their website, or visit their Oakville Pop Up to see what they have in store!