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Christmas Music Before December: Yay or Nay?

We are just shy of one month away from Christmas day, and much like the customary holiday traditions (like decorating the home with trees and lights), yuletide carols are beginning to take flight.

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Whether or not you have begun to bring those dusty decorations out of the crawl space, you have most likely heard a Christmas song, or two, while at the mall or listening to the radio.giphy (12)

In fact, radio stations like 96.1 FM (now called WMSX), started playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, while others do hold out until after American Thanksgiving. However, this doesn’t stop shopping malls from blasting that classic Mariah Carey head bopper throughout the festively decorated stores.

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History has lead us to the conclusion that people have some very mixed reactions to Christmas music playing well before December.

Though, most of the festive patrons, do enjoy a jovial jingle echoing through the speakers, whether they are simply window shopping, or getting a head start on their Christmas lists; there are some scrooges out there that want nothing to do with the radio’s festive jams.

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We’ve narrowed down the 7 Most Typical Reactions to Christmas Tunes, much before the anticipated Holiday, and we are certain that you, or someone you know, will fit perfectly into one of the tiers.

1. The Antsy Nancy

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We all know someone like this, the impatient spirited soul. Their Halloween costume barely hits the laundry room floor, before they start blasting ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ wherever they go. This individual is usually encouraging others to get into the Christmas Spirit before the pumpkins leave their doorstep. Halloween candy, quickly turns into Candy Canes and if you look hard enough, they probably have a countdown started somewhere in the house. There is nothing wrong with this trait, in fact, they are a merchandisers dream. With the Christmas spirit already embedded into the consumer’s brain by November 1st, it would fit the bill for the festive prospect to start shop, shop, shopping away.

2. The Humble Hummer 

This person is readily influenced by Antsy Nancy’s in-your-face Christmas Spirit. Someone who, didn’t quite expect to get their Christmas Groove on until the wintery forecast, but isn’t quite bothered by the festiveness surrounding them. They’re not exactly ones to crank the Michael Bublé Christmas playlists while digesting Thanksgiving Dinner, but if a song or two just…happened to start *magically* playing, it’s not like they would change the station. I mean… if the Santa hat fits….

3. The Silent Knight
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Whether this person doesn’t celebrate Christmas, or doesn’t care much for the kitschy traditions surrounding the holiday, not much of a stress is given when the topic of Christmas Music is buzzing. Not one to complain, but not known to rejoice, either; this party is remaining neutral to avoid any holiday backlash or prolonged festive conversation.

4. The Bothered Busybody

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The ‘Evil Twin’ to the Antsy Nancy. These two often go head to head when deciding what station to listen to when driving in the car. It’s not that this person is exactly the Grinch, in fact, they may not even hate Christmas at all. It may be the over commercialization of Christmas, or the fact that there are only so many versions of ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ one can handle. Either way, the level of annoyance Christmas music can reach for someone not-so into the theatrical harmonies is high.

5. The Surrendering Sweetheart

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This is typically a couple situation. Your significant other insists on blasting the Glee Christmas Discography, and you have surrendered yourself to play along, in hopes that you’ll be allowed to blare your music during all other months of the year.  You will bite your tongue if the constant renditions of ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ bring in some warm cuddling on the couch, even if the song does seem rather violating and forceful (say, what was in that drink, Dean Martin?).

6. Year Round Elf

This jovial soul does not give a fruitcake about what you say. They will be listening to Charlie Brown Christmas all year long,  no matter the occasion. Christmas Spirit never leaves this jolly, happy soul, and there is no reason it ever should. Christmas music can be great for exercising, relaxing and putting yourself in a great mood. This person is not be confused with the Antsy Nancy, whose anticipation grows greater as the end of the year is near; this individual is pumped about Christmas ALL.THE.TIME. The countdown for Christmas starts on boxing day, and it never ends.

7. And Finally,  Michael Bublé

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Nothing beats Michael Bublé’s love for the holiday. This man does Christmas right. Not even Santa Claus, himself, enjoys the holidays this much. His love for the festive holiday is so great, that he stands alone in this category.


One can only dream of being this jolly.


While you may know right away which category you fit into, you might need some extra help. To aid you in your quest for the appropriate title, enjoy this specially made playlist, with the greatest Christmas songs of the century (at least, in our opinion).

Take a listen, and have a happy, happy holiday season rocking out!