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I Heart XMAS! with Jill Chappell

Welcome to the I Heart XMAS Q&A, where Retro Festive asks notable Canadians about their own Christmas traditions and what they would like to find under the tree!

Jill Chappell, Morning News Weather & Traffic Anchor, Global Halifax

Jill Chappell Global News
Jill Chappell of Global News

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie or TV special?

This is tough. I can’t choose just one. I have a real soft spot for the classic TV special “Muppet Family Christmas” where Fozzie invites all of the Muppets to his mother’s farm. As a child, it was a dream come true to have the Muppets, Fraggles and Sesame Street characters all in one program. I guess I have a thing with farms because “Garfield’s Christmas” is a close second. Who doesn’t tear up when Grandma receives the old love letters from her late husband? But then again, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the McAllisters!

  1. Does your family have a special or quirky Christmas tradition?

A truly “Matthews” family tradition is Christmas Sandwiches on Christmas Eve. Imagine an array of the most delicious meat, cheese, gourmet buns and assorted toppings. Assemble to your own liking and just try to eat only one!

  1. Which do you prefer: to give or receive?

It’s not the giving or the receiving that makes Christmas special. It’s being with family.

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Not a Chance – or – The Uglier the Better?

Get out the Bedazzler and bring on glitz and glam! I’m all over the Ugly Christmas Sweater. Worn ironically, of course.

  1. What do you want Santa to bring you this year?

Hopefully a Caribbean vacation to help me survive another Maritime winter but I’ll settle for new pair of oven mitts.