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The Great Debate: Real vs Fake Trees

Real versus fake. Fake versus real. Where do you stand on this highly debated issue? Let this super, incredibly scientific blog post about Christmas Trees in Canada help you in The Great Debate: Real vs. Fake Trees.

Everyone at Retro Festive lands on different sides of this potentially friendship-ending argument. So let’s make a case for both and see which is the true winner.


Case for real:

Nothing beats the smell of coming home after a long day of work in December to the smell of a real Christmas tree, like the true Canadian balsam fir. It makes all your worries go away!

Case for fake:

“Christmas tree smell” can now be bought.

And The Winner Is… Real Trees!

Aerosol tree smells just don’t cut it. And a scented candle doesn’t pre-light, so you can’t come home to that beautiful smell.


Case for real:

A real Christmas tree incorporates all the senses. We’ve outlined the smell, but you can’t buy the feel of a real tree.

Case for fake:

You also can’t prick yourself on fake pine needles.

And The Winner Is… Fake Trees!

A fake tree won’t assault you while you decorate it with Christmas kitsch, or contain attacking squirrels. It also doesn’t drop needles to conveniently pierce your heels.


Case for real:

Throw it on the curb and don’t think about it for a year!

Case for fake:

Throw it in a box and don’t think about it for a year!


And The Winner Is… NO ONE!

We all know the fake will never fit back in the box the way it once did, and the real will drop every needle to spite you.

After three tough rounds with Real trees taking an early lead, but Fake trees catching up quick, we are now at a score of:


FAKE: 1 

With only one round left, who will take the title?! It all comes down to:


Case for real:

There’s nothing that warms the heart quite as much as when Linus says, “I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love,” when he talks about the celebrated Charlie Brown Christmas tree and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas

Case for fake:

You can always have a fake tree at home, and see a real Christmas tree in the town square. People travel from around the globe to watch the ceremonial lighting of the legendary Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, making it not just a part of New York, but a part of the world.


And the winner is…EVERYONE!

We all win this round. There are countless iconic Christmas trees for both sides.

So there you have it, folks! We’re back where we started. It’s your Christmas and your tree. Pick what suits YOU!

So whether you like to cut down your own Christmas tree or purchase a fun fake one, the choice helps make your Christmas your own!

But let us know – which side do you land on in The Great Debate?