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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

Since Retro Festive started in 2007 we have watched the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party craze, which began in Canada, grow exponentially. Everybody has a tacky knitted sweater that their Great Aunt Clara made for them, but over the years people have been eager to step up their gaudy game.

Each and every December Canadians receive invitations to numerous Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, so here are some tips to make your party the ugliest!

Ugly Sweater Party
Merry Christmas from the Walker Family in Vancouver!

When hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, feel free to let the tackiness extend to your party decor too! Maybe an Ugly Sweater Banner to spruce up your living room, or an Ugly Sweater serving plate in the kitchen to display your famous Christmas cookies.

Years before the Ugly Sweater party became a pop culture phenomenon, popular musicians were writing odes to their fuzzy sweater friends. Warm up your playlist with sweater songs like:

Sweater Song” – Hedley
Undone – The Sweater Song” – Weezer
The Sweater” – Meryn Cadell
Striped Sweater Song” – SpongeBob SquarePants

Naughty and Nice sweaters
Naughty and Nice Ugly Christmas Sweaters for partners!


Matching sweaters are great conversation pieces at events with a lot of visual distractions, like Ugly Sweater parties. Group and couple costumes are always a big hit at Halloween, so borrow that idea by wearing a “Naughty” sweater at your party, while your partner wears a “Nice” sweater, or rival NHL Ugly Christmas Sweaters, to get people talking.

Many Ugly Christmas Sweater parties also have contests for the best (worst?) sweater. Another way to make your outfit unique would be to add a funky hat or headband to your head. Hopefully it doesn’t get too big when you win the grand prize!

As a host or hostess of the Ugly Christmas Sweater party, you should be prepared to bestow the winner of the evening with ribbons or trophies for The Best, Most Tacky, Ugliest Sweater in the Universe! That way the winner can brag about their win for years to come with a major award to prove it!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party winner
Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties have winners and losers. Mostly losers.

Now that you have all of these tacky tips under your belt, go on – GET UGLY!