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I Heart XMAS! with Anthony Farnell

Welcome to the I Heart XMAS Q&A, where Retro Festive asks notable Canadians about their own Christmas traditions and what they would like to find under the tree!

Anthony Farnell, Chief Meteorologist for Global News Toronto

Retro Festive: What is your favourite Christmas movie or TV special?
Anthony Farnell: My favourite Christmas movie has become Four Christmases because Vince Vaughan is hilarious.

Anthony Farnell christmas
Four Christmases is Anthony Farnell’s favourite Christmas movie!


Does your family have a special or quirky Christmas tradition?
My family meets every Christmas at our warm cozy cottage in Vermont. We open gifts, have brunch and sometimes hit the slopes in the afternoon.

Which do you prefer: to give or receive?
If I’m shopping last minute (which I normally do) then I’d much prefer to receive.  I’ve been slowly learning to put thought into gifts!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Not a Chance – or – The Uglier the Better?
Of course, the uglier the sweater the better.

What do you want Santa to bring you this year?
Call me a nerd but I’m hoping Santa delivers a home weather station to put up on my roof.  Storm (my dog) is looking for treats and a squeaky toy so I think at least one of us won’t be disappointed this year.

Chief Meteorologist Anthony Farnell will present his nightly weather report from Toy Drive Live this year.  Global News teams up with the Toronto Fire Fighters every year to support the Firefighters Toy Drive. This annual event will be broadcast live on Global News at 5:30pm from the Shops on Don Mills on Thursday, December 4.