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Christmas Memories

By: Liisa St-Aubin

We all have Christmas memories from days gone by that transport us right back to specific moments in time. From the smell of the fireplace to the taste of pie, I have many merry memories! Luckily, I was able to find some treasures to help keep my memories alive each Christmas season.

My Grandma’s Ceramic Christmas tree
My siblings and I always loved Grandma’s ceramic tree. We would take turns moving around the colourful pegs coming up with different patterns to suit our moods. The best part was the star that, if removed, would create a cool vortex of light that shot right out the top!

7" Ceramic Light-Up Christmas Tree













My Memere’s Chirping Bird Ornament
Another favourite was found nestled in my Memere’s tree, waaaay out of reach of us kids. If we were good, she’d go over to her Christmas tree and make this beautiful silver ornament chirp. Part magic trick and part whimsy, we were never quite sure how she got it to sing. She also called it her “pet”. It was a long time before we realized there wasn’t a live bird in the tree that she kept hidden from us every other day of the year.

Traditional Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
A new tradition for me is the Charlie Brown Christmas tree we put up in the office were I work. It even sings a little song to make the dark winter days a little brighter. It’s about the same size as the tree I have at home, so it feels perfect for me!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Watching Classic Christmas Cartoons
Ah, the classic cartoons that made sure the season remained jolly. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and The Grinch all come to mind that got my family excited. A cuppa hot chocolate, a blanket and you were good to go!

Tobogganing with My Cousins
When you have seemingly a billion cousins and you’re out in the Canadian country, your parents have to come up with ways to entertain. For my family, it was wrapping us in toques, scarves, mittens and super 80’s snowsuits and sending us down massive hills in the fields behind my cousins’ place. Walking back up took twice as long than going down, so we used up a lot of time and energy having fun.

I hope this reminded you of your own Christmas memories!