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Christmas with the Force! Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The results are in, and the first complete reviews for the new ‘Star Wars’ film, The Force Awakens, have deemed it as “a triumph” and “instant classic”. In fact, the film was given an abundance of 5 star ratings by several UK newspapers. JJ Abrams’s tremendously hyped seventh instalment in the blockbuster series hits theatres, world wide, tomorrow (one week until Christmas!).

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Some would claim that the reputation of the franchise had been tarnished considerably by the fairly unpopular and mediocre prequel trilogy of 1999-2005, all directed by creator George Lucas. However, ten years after the last film release, fans of the original trilogy are predicting The Force Awakens will be the best movie of all time- a pretty redeeming title to say the least.

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The Guardian stated the film ‘shows itself a movie in the spirit of the original trilogy, which ended with Return of the Jedi in 1983‘, which will be sure to make avid devotees of the initial space-opera very delighted.

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Considering the film’s release date is so close to the holidays, it is more than appropriate to spend Christmas with Hans, Yoda and Princess Leia; and don’t worry, Retro Festive has you covered!

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With fantastic gifts of the Star Wars variety, our items range from stocking stuffers, string lights, and intergalactic decor.

May the Force Be With Yule Star Wars Light Up Canvas Yoda
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.31.55 AMSanta Yoda, dressed in all his Christmas glory, offers a punny wish for you this holiday season: “May the Force be with Yule.”

Star Wars lovers will light up when they see this festive light-up canvas. Press the hidden button to light up Yoda’s starry sky with LED lights. Yo-da man, Yoda!

Darth Vadar Star Wars Holiday Nutcracker

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“Luke… I am … your Nutcracker!”

Meet Lord Darth Vader in nutcracker form.

Handcrafted from hardwood to depict the iconic character from the Star Wars movies. Darth Vader stands 10″ tall and is draped in a vinyl cape, capped by his signature black helmet. He holds his red lightsaber and is decorated with details including vinyl boots, his breathing apparatus, and chest control unit.

A New Hope Star Wars Light up LED Stocking

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Resist the Dark Side this Christmas by hanging our Star Wars A New Hope Light-Up L.E.D. Stocking! Features the artwork from the Star Wars film that started it all.

This festive holiday stocking features cleverly placed L.E.D. lights that bring the artwork to life. Press the button and the lightsabers and blaster guns illuminate!

Star Wars Holiday Art Signs

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Deck the halls with the power of the force! Our Star Wars themed art blocks mingle rustic undertones with season’s greetings from the much-loved Star Wars characters. Each wooden block measures approximately 5-inches long.

Perfect for holiday display on your mantle or any shelf. These little signs also make great stocking stuffers!

Make your choice below, or save money when you buy the set! Choices include:

  • Boba Fett – Wishing You a Bountyful Christmas Season
  • Darth Vader – I Find Your Lack of Cheer Disturbing
  • Yoda – May the Force be with Yule

Boba Fett Star Wars Christmas String Lights

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Now you can light up your Christmas tree with the ‘best bounty hunter in the galaxy.’ Our Boba Fett string of lights is perfect for decorating for the holidays … or year-round! Each of the ten lights in this novelty set resembles the legendary Mandalorian warrior, Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise.

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Be sure to secure your Force Awakens tickets, and come back to www.retrofestive.ca for all of your kitschy and retro holiday needs!

Have a very Merry Christmas, and may the force be with you!