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I Heart XMas with Jenna Mo

Welcome to the I Heart XMAS Q&A, where Retro Festive asks notable Canadians about their own Christmas traditions and what they would like to find under the tree!

Today we’re talking to Jenna Mo from Mornings with Jesse & Jenna on JUMP! 106.9 in Ottawa, Ontario. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Mornings with Jesse & Jenna
Mornings with Jesse & Jenna


Does your family have a special or quirky Christmas tradition?
For as long as I can remember, my family has always had a real Christmas tree, but it’s not the most beautiful one on the lot. Every year we go and pick out the ugliest ‘Charlie Brown’ tree so that it can also have a nice home during the holidays.

Do you do your Christmas shopping early or leave it to the last minute?
Guilty! I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping, but I don’t wait until the 24th. I’m usually hitting the malls mid-December.

In which city do you watch your local Santa Claus parade?
I don’t watch the Santa Clause parade, I participate in it! Since I arrived in Ottawa almost 4 years ago, JUMP! 106.9 has participated in multiple parades and it’s always such a magical and fun time.

Which do you prefer: real or fake Christmas trees?
Real! There is nothing that beats the smell of a real tree and I also love the fact that your tree is going to be different every year.

Mornings with Jesse & Jenna

















Do you consider yourself good at wrapping presents?
I am the absolute WORST at wrapping gifts. I can never get the amount of wrapping paper you need for a gift right and then the ends are too long and it’s just messy. I gave up on wrapping them. Instead, I hit up the dollar store and get decorative bags and boxes.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Not a Chance – or – The Uglier the Better?
I’m always ready for a good ugly Christmas sweater but this year, it’s all about the ugly Christmas hats. My friends host an annual Christmas party and that’s the theme this year. I can’t wait to get crafty and make the tackiest, yet most festive hat I can imagine. And yes, lights will be involved.

What do you want Santa to bring you this year?
As you get older, I find that you want really basic things from Santa. If he can cover my cell phone bill for December, that would be awesome. Being from Vancouver, I am still not fully on board with Ottawa winters. So if the “Big Guy” wants to hook me up with a pair of real winter boots, I’m sure my feet would appreciate it.

If you are in the Ottawa area, be sure to tune into JUMP! 106.9!