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The Christmas Chronicles Filming Locations!

In 2018 Netflix released a new holiday film called The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell. We were very excited about this new Christmas movie – and then we found out that The Christmas Chronicles filming locations were right here in Canada! There is not much we love more than Christmas movies – unless that movie was filmed in Canada!

The Christmas Chronicles follows Teddy and Kate Pierce as they try to celebrate Christmas after the recent passing of their father. Teddy resents the holiday, while younger sister Kate still takes great joy from the spirit of Christmas. After a series of mishaps, the Pierce children must help Santa (Kurt Russell) deliver gifts around the world before it is too late.

Eight tiny reindeer. Two squabbling siblings. And a Santa who’s full of surprises. It’s a Christmas Eve they’ll never forget.

– The Christmas Chronicles tagline

The Christmas Chronicles takes place mostly in Lowell, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois but most of the movie was filmed in Toronto at Pinewood Studios and throughout the city.

The Christmas Chronicles Filming Locations!
We could be wrong, but is that a GO Train?

It quickly became a fun game to point out all of The Christmas Chronicle filming locations that were obviously in Canada. Whether it is a car chase, a jail break, or a touching conversation between two characters, Toronto and the GTA look so good in this movie!

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